More Than Thank You

Developing Gratitude


The “More Than Thank You” Research Group (2016–2017)


The “More Than Thank You” Brazilian Research Group (2016–2017)


The “More Than Thank You” Turkish Research Group (2015-2016


Principal Investigator

Jonathan Tudge, Professor, HDFS, UNCG (


Co-Principal Investigators

lia_freitas lisa_kiang
Lia Freitas, Associate Professor, Psychology, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil ( Lisa Kiang, Associate Professor, Psychology, Wake Forest University (

Project Coordinator

Lia O’Brien, PhD, HDFS, UNCG (


Research Associate

 Uzama Price, EdD, UNCG (


Web Designer

Pam Howe, M.Ed., School of HHS,


Statistical Consultant
Irina Mokrova, PhD, Frank Porter Graham Child Development Center, Chapel Hill (

Research Group Members

yudan_wang elisa_mercon-vargas
Yudan Wang, PhD, HDFS ( Elisa Merçon-Vargas, MS, HDFS (
sara_mendonca yue_liang
Sara Mendonca, MA, HDFS ( Yue Liang, MS, HDFS (
Ayse_Payir (1) dan_wang
Ayse Payir, MA, Psychology ( Dan Wang, MS, HDFS (
Meghan Parrish Kevin Hickman
Meghan Parrish, HDFS Graduate Volunteer Kevin Hickman, Pre-Med(
Imari McCoy Elliott Lybrand
Imari McCoy, Psychology( S. Elliott Lybrand, HDFS (
Selin Zeytinoglu, MS, HDFS

Research group members, past and future

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